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COLLECTIONSNew Arrival - Jewelry (OLD)

New Arrival - Jewelry (OLD)

Pack of Silver, Gold and Rose Vermeil Silver, and Dark Silver Hold Rings


Silver Real Sisy bear Earrings with Pearls


Fine black IP Steel and rose Gold Vermeil Real Sisy Ring with Onyx


Rose Gold Vermeil Real Sisy bear Earrings with Spinels


Hold necklace in Dark Silver with Gold Vermeil, rose Gold Vermeil and Silver


Medium Vermeil Silver Hold Ring


Medium Silver Hold Ring


Small Vermeil Silver Hold Ring


Silver Real Sisy Bracelet with Pearls


Rose Vermeil Silver Camille Pendant with Quartz with Dumortierite


Pearl and black Cord Motif Necklace with rose Gold Vermeil and Gemstones


Small Steel and Enamel Nit Pendant