JEWELRYJewelry Earrings Long

Jewelry Earrings Long

Mini Onyx Set


Nocturne double 1/2 Earring in Gold Vermeil with Diamonds and Pearl


Silver Vermeil, Silver and Dark Silver TOUS Good Vibes Earrings with Gemstones


Gold TOUS Good Vibes Serpent 1/2 Earring with Diamonds


Long White Gold Les Classiques heart Earrings with Diamonds


Rose Gold Vermeil Straight Earring with Gemstones


Long Vita earrings in Gold with Gemstones


Short Vita earrings in Gold with Gemstones


Long Glory Earrings in Gold Vermeil with Gemstones


Glory Earrings in Resin with Gold Vermeil and Gemstones


Long Gold with Amazonite and Ruby Vita Earrings


Long Straight bar Earrings in Silver